This post is not a post.

It is more a reminder to myself of stuff I want to write about, and to which I’ve been giving some thought.

All I need to do now is to sit my butt in the chair, somehow manage not to get distracted, put my thoughts in order and write.

  • Linux has never felt better. And I’m back on GNOME.
  • I began coding again. An idea that has eluded me for almost fifteen years has finally caught up with me (somewhat): I like coding, and I keed getting ideas for programs involving research stuff. Tools that would make work easier. Well, technically I could call working on them as work, as long as I come up with something interesting and publish it…
  • Random thoughts about life in Germany (Es ist sechs Monate her, seit ich Brasilien verlassen habe!) Also, learning German has come to a critical point.
  • Still more random thoughts about stuff that has been happening to people I know. I don’t like to give personal details but I like to work it in a way that still passes the message.
  • Star Wars – I’ve been procrastinating on a post about The Last Jedi since January!


And stuff.