I have a confession to make: I bought a new graphics card.

I know it doesn’t sound like a big deal. Especially when you check prices for these things on international stores. But with the dolar rampant the prices in Brazil have taken a turn for the worse (as if they weren’t bad enough).

I have never really had the gaming PC I would like to; I have always played in whatever graphical setting I could manage, which invariably meant low fps rates. That doesn’t really make for a very enjoyable gaming experience. One of the main ways I release stress is by playing World of Warcraft. I’ve been on and off the game ever since its beginning, but to be honest I’ve really began playing it around 2008.

Although prices are high, and I’m going through the motions as I try to make ends meet, I’ve been putting up with so much crap recently that I decided I needed this break, so I finally (after a couple of weeks of procrastination) ordered a new card today. It’s not a high-end card, nor is it a brand new model. But it’s the best I dared purchase, and it’s already orders of magnitude better than what I’ve been using recently (the integrated graphics on my core i3 machine).

At least, I’ll enjoy World of Warcraft a little better. Or, at least, for the time being, since the current expansion is not all that amazing and the Alpha version of the next expansion is not giving me much hope for my hunter. But that’s another story.