Learn less, do more

I don’t really have an idea for this post. I suppose this time of the year it should be about evaluating the year, pondering good and bad things that happened.

I made a lot of progress with my work. Not the amount I would consider ideal, though – I’ve procrastinated an awful lot this year. I’m also running late with my dissertation – I should have it almost complete by now if I had really begun writing it several months ago, like I was telling myself over and over.

I also made a lot of mistakes. I do not complain about them, though, because I tend to see mistakes as opportunities to learn and grow. But I really wish I could “learn” a bit less in 2008…

I failed (again) to begin some serious running. I also failed to get my driver’s license.

However, despite this year’s less than satisfying progress, I am satisfied with other things I accomplished this year. The first and foremost is swimming. I finally overcame years and years of apathy and learned how to swim with a minimal level of decency.

All in all, I don’t think 2007 has been too kind to me. I had a LOT of problems with banks. I procrastinated too much. I failed to exercise my discipline.

Looking at the bright side, when I look back there’s a lot of good results to gather, and it actually looks like I’ve been produtive this year. I just wish I were more efficient.

For 2008, there’s a lot to be done. For starters, my dissertation and defense, which I want to happen before April. I need to get a PhD going, after that. I want to get my driver’s license. I also want to be able to show my friends how much I appreciate them.