500 undead ahead of you? Go for it!

It’s been a while since I posted here the last time. A week, to be more precise.

That’s a bit odd, because my first semester courses ended almost two weeks ago. On the other hand, there were still other issues needing attention, so my first semester only actually ended last friday.

My stipend problems are coming to an end, at last. My payment was finally scheduled for July 25th – next tuesday.

Today I went to the language school and scheduled my level examination for tomorrow – I will resume my japanese studies beginning next semester, and since it’s been two and a half years since I’ve interrupted them, I decided it was best to do the exam. I hope that next year I get to start my italian, too.

In other news, yesterday the RPG session was absolutely awesome. It took almost seven hours, including a few pauses for eating and things like that. The cool part is it was a fun as hell session, it was fantastic. The story got absolutely wonderful, and I think yesterday’s story is truly Exalted stuff. Read the campaign blog to know what I mean (it’s in portuguese). One of the most enjoyable sessions I’ve ever played. Ever.