Samples and memories

This is what’s left of my masters: a box full of samples. The picture above, which I took a few minutes ago, is from a box where I stored all samples and materials I used in my work for my masters degree.

Actually, not all the materials are in the box – some of them, especially eppendorfs – are not in the picture. I intend to clean and reutilise them – after all it would be a huge waste if I stored a bunch of empty, perfectly useful vials in a box never to be looked at again.Even these materials, I’m keeping only for a few years. I’ll probably use the same box to store stuff from my PhD, and then throw its current content away. Or recycle it, if possible.

Looking at it I can recall a lot of memories of all the work I’ve done, which doesn’t seem to have been that much, but at the time the task seemed somehow unattainable. But in the end, even with all the stress, all the problems I’ve had to solve, all the rights and wrongs, I see it was worth it.

I already have my diploma, my degree and my dissertation, but seeing this box is what ultimately gives me a sense of completion, of a work that has been finally finished.

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