Good bye tagboard.

The tagboard have been bugging me for a long time, and it became evident that no one was giving a shit about it – me included. So, I removed it.

I have also updated my picture, take a look on the left. Sam is in it with me.

Everything seems to be finally getting to the right places.

Everything seems to be going in a good direction – although I had to drop Statistical Mechanics, at least my advisor’s course is going well. What worries me now is the seminar I’m supposed to present next month…

Apart from that, I have been quite absent from the internet these days. I’m completely disappeared from all the forums I am a member of, became only a casual player on online games, even in the instant messaging it’s unusual for me to be online. It’s expected, to be honest, since I’m adapting myself to what matters to me. Needless to say, the thing that matters the most has a name, and she’s in the picture up there on the left.