Throwing away some garbage

I decided to throw away some things that have been taking up space in my room and haven’t been useful in a long time.

Although this is not the first time I do that, this time it was inspired by a friend‘s parents, whose… strong opinions in these matters have been quite insightful. There’s a load of paper and other stuff that I gathered along the past few years, and I haven’t used most of it for almost anything.

The largest of them is a metal shelf I’ve had with me for a long time. It used to hold my books and CD’s a few years ago, but since moving to the place I’m living in now, it’s been put aside, literally rotting away. I have already offered if for free to a couple people (1, 2), who showed some interest in it, but to be honest, I’m tired of waiting. It’s going away.

Actually, I’m using the shelf as an excuse to throw some other stuff away, too. But most of it has just been taking up space, really, and I want to free up some space around here.