Now she needs a name

For once, things in my life seem to be going well. In a way, they always have, actually, but this time everything seems to be turning out ok without too much trouble.

My work is almost finished, and I think I’ll be able to defend by the end of July. I’m still a bit worried about certain (theoretical) aspects, but I believe it’s going to be alright.

That being said, I finally, after many years of hesitation, acquired an instrument: an Epiphone Les Paul Special.

Now I’m in the process of choosing a name for her. I know this may seem like an irrelevant thing, but I assure you it is not. And since I am taking it seriously, it is a tough decision. Until now, three “candidates” have been brought up by friends of mine: “Gud”, “Ungoliant” and “Pandora”. I haven’t decided yet because there’s another possibility I’m playing with, which is choosing a name related to Led Zeppelin, since it’s my favorite band.

Even though this is not the most exciting subject in the planet, nor is it very important (except to me), I thought I should share it here. After all, it’s been a long time since I blog’n posted.

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