I wanna have Time 5.

Man, I can’t believe two weeks have already passed since my last post. Time is running fast this year.

To think that in about two months I’ll be defending my masters is a bit frightening, to be honest. I’m not sure I’m prepared for that, and there is still a lot to do.

At least now I don’t have any more data to collect. All I have to do is write write write write write. And then write some more.

I’ve been practicing a lot on the guitar, and a few tunes are beginning to come out of the amp; although they are not THAT good – they are actually very simple songs used for practice – at least it’s something. A month ago I wouldn’t have been able to do even that. There is still a long way before I can do anything for real. And, to be honest, practice can be very frustrating sometimes.

I realize that frustration is actually part of the process, and therefore I will keep trying. The more difficulty I have, the more I will practice. That’s the way I believe we may overcome difficulties.

In other news, my field exam for obtaining my driver’s license in on next wednesday. I feel fully prepared and, to be honest, I’m very confident. In the classes I’ve had so far I really learned more than just enough to be approved; I learned a bit of how to really drive – out on the street, in traffic, having to withstand other (usually less careful, less educated) drivers. Surely, the fact that the car had the sign “driving school” on its side may have made a difference on other people’s behavior (which is frankly quite hypocrite). But even so, it was not a futile exercise.

All in all, everything seems to be going well. I just need to pay a little more attention to my dissertation – it needs a lot of work.

2 thoughts on “I wanna have Time 5.

  1. You’ll be fine, my friend. Two months to write is more than enough. I have two months to write too, but I still got some simulations to run, analyze all the data, prepare my post-doc proposal and pass a french test…

    You’ll be just fine! 😉

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