Serious people are rare around here.

Today’s distance: 0 meters.
Yesterday’s distance: 0 meters.

Yesterday the heavens fell apart, and it rained all the day. It wasn’t even nearly possible to swim, so I didn’t go.

Today, with an awful lot of stuff to do, I didn’t go either. Although I’m thinking about going later, since my work for the day is done, I’ll post 0 meters now since I have the tendency to postpone everything.

A piece of advice to you kids: never depend on people you don’t trust if you want to work near the holidays. Especially around here, where everyone goes to incredible lengths to avoid working. I was supposed to still have a lot of work to do today, but I’ll have to do it tomorrow because someone decided it was a good moment to party.

Parties are strange things around here. With all the bickering that goes on between the six departments on the Institute, each one traditionally decides to make its own end-of-the-year party – the direction of the institute, of course, obliviously arranges for a general party as well. As a result, everyone attends two parties: one on each department and another for the whole Institute.

The serious people keep working. But, I’m sad to say, they are few.