Hmm. Good cake…

In the last few weeks a lot has happened. One thing is for certain: I feel good. I have good friends, I work with what I wish I was working with. I have the good fortune of not having any serious problems.

Actually, it’s quite curious. When things are not going well, there’s always something to write about here. Now almost everything is fine, and when I sit down to write a new post I can’t help but to fall into some kind of deep meditative state, where I can only think about things like, what do I have to do to be a better person, am I too overconfident or arrogant. But, most of all, what keeps coming to me is some kind of loneliness, that makes me gaze into the space out the window, thinking whatever it is that people think when they do things like that. It’s weird, because when that happens I’m focused on something, but I can’t actually realize what it is. Maybe it’s my subconsciousness playing tricks on me, I don’t know. Sometimes I think it’s me searching for something inside myself, as if looking out the window would give me a glance at my own inner self.

Oh man, I’m not making any sense. The truth is, I have some issues I’m not able to talk about, because there’s no way I can describe them. It’s kind of disturbing, sometimes, having something on my mind that at the same time I do and I don’t know that really is.

Am I that strange? Do other people trip like that sometimes?