“Don’t wait too long for the right reason, or else you might end up making the wrong choice.”

— me

I’m not completely sure about how that popped into my head. A couple of weeks ago I was doing… something, and the words just came to me. Being completely honest I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what it means, and it probably just spontaneously formed from random thoughts I had in my mind.

It is about opportunities.

I don’t really like to talk about personal stuff here; I’d rather leave it to when I’m face to face with the very few people with whom I actually feel close enough to talk about it. So I’m gonna try to keep things a bit superficial here.

When opportunity shows up we can’t afford to hide from it. “Comfort zone” is just another name for a potential well: it’s cool to just hang out there, vibrating in our fundamental frequency, but if you don’t gain more energy to reach other levels and eventually go over the potential barrier you’re never gonna see what’s out there beyond the “event horizon”, and that’s bad because we grow when we are challenged, when there is a problem and we face it without fear. Each opportunity is a quantum of energy with the potential to help us overcome that barrier, but we only gain that energy if we actually interact with that quantum, or else it passes through and we are left none the wiser.

It takes a geek to come up with an analogy like that.

I could go on and on with it, but then I’d carve my way into other even less familiar topics but then the point would be kind of moot by then. I’d rather not end up with a null set (there, did it again).

I’ve been going through a quite… busy time in my life (in every sense) and what’s curious about it is that it was caused by myself. It’s something that began some time ago and for completely different reasons, but I’ve thought a lot about many things and now I see that one of the worst times of my life may have been also one with the best outcomes. Many opinions about people, places and events have changed a lot. It’s all a big self-knowledge ride, really.

Bottom line, it feels pretty good to be finally moving forward.