Finally some good news

At last something good – really good – happened.

My project was granted! Now I do have something official about my PhD – it’s an absolute certainty now. 
Ever since I defended my masters last september everything on my life was on hold, waiting for an answer that came not too early. Sure, a lot of things – new things – came up in the last four months. However, even the new things happening were only transient. Since my future was so uncertain I couldn’t afford making and following any plans, no matter how many of them I came up with.
Everything is different as of today. Now I can really make up my mind as to what I intend to do with my life for the next four years and stick to it. I can really make plans. But, most importantly, I was given a new opportunity to keep building my professional life, and in an career option as the one I have made, that is very important. I can’t say where I’m going to be four years from now. All I can do is my best, and stay alert, on the look out for opportunities. 
They are out there, all I have to do is find them.