I defended my masters last friday.

Everything was absolutely great. In fact I was quite worried because I had a sore throat since the day before, and so there was a chance that I wouldn’t have a voice to use in my presentation. However, even though my throat didn’t get all better I was able to do it without any further problems.

Also, I’m glad to say that the presentation itself was absolutely flawless. The examining comitee had a few points to make about the dissertation itself, but they were all minor. There were also lots of comments and general questions about stuff related to the work. All in all, however, there were more compliments than any other thing. I was very proud, and so was my advisor.

On a particular note, one of the members of the comitee knew my father from childhood. He made a “statement”, so to speak, at the end , in which he expressed personal satisfaction with my defense, since he was involved in my decision to major in Physics.

It almost made me cry, because he remembered my dad in a way that is most cherished by me. But it also made me very happy, because I will never forget that.

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