24 hours.

Tomorrow my girlfriend leaves for Finland.

She’s going to be away for three years to do her PhD. Although the possibility existed ever since I first met her, it only became real abou two months ago when she finally got accepted.

I have to admit that part of me was kinda hoping she wouldn’t get it. I do not need to be reminded that it was narrow-minded and selfish, to say the least. It’s the opportunity of a lifetime.

When she first me told me I kept silent for a long time before saying anything. Not because I was mad or anything, but because I was in shock. I’m not sure why – all I know is that there’s something about long-distance relationships that really freaks me out. I can’t tell what it is. I know people who were in LDRs before – some of those worked out and some didn’t. One way or another, I know for a fact that it’s very difficult, especially for someone as paranoid as I am. I think that’s an issue I will have to learn how to deal with.

Of all the problems I am facing these days this is the one I should not be worrying about, because both of us are quite sure about how we feel about each other and are committed to making it work. I have problems that have absolutely not a chance to be solbed quickly or easily, since they require both patience and perseverance, not to mention all the help I can get.

But she’s all I can think about.