The bright side

Now, for some good news. At least, there are some.

I’m finally free from M$ Windows. The last bastion has fallen – Microcal Origin now runs on my Debian GNU/Linux. Last night I removed the NTFS partition from my computer and relocated my root partition there, creating a huge home directory. I don’t even have any M$ partitions on my hard disk any more. 
In other news, I’ll begin swimming next monday. Already spoken to who I had to speak to, and now everything is set. I’ve been looking for something like this for some time. I need some discipline for doing some exercise – I’ve been too much sedentary recently, and I’m beginning to get fat. I will do my best to make this work – I need a change of habits. Hopefully, this will help me get more focused on my work.
In still other news, I’ll begin to attend the undergrad classes on Solid State Physics. This has a twice-folded purpose – helping out a friend who needs to really crack it down and learning a few things that went right through me when I did this course in my last semester as an undergrad.