My advisor has just scared the shit out of me. She sent me an email asking me to write an abstract for a meeting I didn’t remember about.

The good thing is, I did know about it and I did make my registration. And I did send my abstract – exactly the one my advisor asked me to write. Actually, I’m not sure why my advisor asked me to do that, I think she’s probably under some stress and didn’t remember us submitting it more than a month ago. Actually, it was even a troublesome submission.
I sent her my answer, telling her that we have already made the registration and submitted the abstract. This actually makes me feel a bit odd, since usually it’s me who doesn’t remember stuff.
Actually, I’ve been feeling a lot more confident about my work. In part, it’s because my advisor has been praising my work recently. But it’s also because I’m much more self-assured about things I have to know and do. I am feeling a bit guilty, however, mostly because I haven’t done a lot of productive work in the past few weeks. I do have to work on my dissertation – I have been claiming to be writing for some time now. It’s time I make it true.