Nice new toys

I have acquired new toys.

The first and foremost is my new set of speakers. Now I have a reasonable set of speakers with a sub-woofer, which means I finally can listen to music in a minimally decent way since early 2002, when a robbery at home took that away from me. I just hope my neighbors don’t get too mad at me… =P

The other toy is my (finally acquired) pendrive. I’ve been needing one of these for some time now.

And, finally, the most useless of them, the new addition to this blog, which can be seen to the right. I really like – for some reason I like to know what I’m listening to. I mean, I like to know what kinds of music I listen to more often. I is a way of knowing myself better through the tracking of tunes I listen to, although that varies wildly accordingly to my moods. The point is also that I like to keep my playlist as eclectic as possible, and helps me make sure that it stays so.