I’m coming to the conclusion that I’m jinxed somehow.

Now seriously, I don’t know what happens that something always goes wrong for me. Maybe I’m doing something the wrong way, or perhaps I’m failing to notice some obvious detail that makes everything go out of control.

The fact is, Murphy’s Law seems to be stronger around me lately. A lot of things that shouldn’t go wrong to terribly wrong.

This is not a kind of generic post – it’s actually about something that happened to me very recently, although I’m keeping that to myself.

But what really bugs me is that, although everything is going to be alright, I’m still feeling a bit nervous about the whole thing. Something is out of place.

Besides that, there’s a lot of things going on. Not only there are new and exciting experiments to run, but now I’m going to do some programming, too (electronic density maps, your time is about to come!). Also, I finally began to understand a lot of things about my work, and all of a sudden everything started to make much more sense.

There’s nothing like following references…

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