I don’t have bad luck, bad luck has me.

I’ll write it down in  one sentence: I haven’t done almost any productive work in the last two weeks, because I wasn’t motivated or because I was sick – sometimes both.

That said, I came to the conclusion (once again!) that I’m the elemental of bad luck. I just can’t believe how things can go so wrong sometimes. In the last weeks I’ve had serious problems with the TWO banks where I have accounts – incompetent managers, lazy clerks, stupid strikes. One of the problems is actually secondary – I needed something from one of the banks so I could pay for my driver license. But, since I do not own a car, that’s not really a big deal.
The other problem, however, was a bit more serious. I needed to set up an account to receive the salary from my T.A. activites during this semester. When I finally had it all solved – after numerous problems and a LOT of stress – I found out that, due to some ridiculous university regulation, I cannot receive the salary. The bastards waited until OCTOBER to say that. Obviously, they couldn’t have said that when my application form went to them for their approval. 
I’m still not sure what I’m going to do. I had been counting on that money for various things I had pending. Now, it seems, I’ll have to pass without it.