Now that I’m done with one of the crappiest courses I’ve ever had, I can even begin to think about studying classical electrodynamics for real. It is a very interesting subject, after all, despite the ugly math involved.

In other news, I can never cease to be amazed by the lack of ethics of some people. The director of the Physics Institute, where I study, has been accused of plagiarism. Regardless of his and his colleages’ ethically questionable attitude, what really pissed me off is the fact that this case is most likely going to be left behind, with no punishment and, even worse, no memory of what happened. This seems to be the greatest problem around here: people seem to have no long term memory. In fact, most people seem not even to care.

I wonder what happened to these people to make them so unethical. Of all the reasons I can think of, not a single one seems reasonable.

Sometimes it’s very difficult to like the place where I’ve studied for the last 8 years…

My only hope is that these people are just a minor portion of the whole.