On grad school

Never let anyone fool you: grad school is nowhere near a joyride. That’s what I believed when I got my bachelors; not anymore. Now I realised that my undergrad days were, in factm quite easygoing, so to speak. Now I have no less work than I had when all I had to worry about was reports and exams.

Today, there is a lot more in question: for starters, my whole project, and my thesis. Obviously I don’t know exactly how to handle everything – what questions I have to pay attention for, what pieces of the whole thing demand more work, and so on. I;m not complaining – that’s the whole point of a grad course, I think. Gradually I am realising a broader view of my work and of what I have to do. I think that’s the most important thing to learn when in grad school: how to work by yourself, without leaving other people out.

Unfortunately, on a more practical approach, I’m quite behind the schedule. Gotta work on that…